UberX Account Clean-Up

For the most current information, see our new website.

For a number of reasons we are in the process of moving all partners onto separate uberX accounts, which unfortunately means that some uberTAXI and UberBLACK partners will need to register a new uberX account in our system. This should be a simple process:

Step 1: Do you have another email address? ^

  • Yes: Use this email address to create a new uberX account here.
  • No: You will need to create a new personal email address (suggested sites: hotmail and gmail and then create a new uberX account here.

^ If you have a gmail account all you need to do to create a new uberX partner account is add “+1” before the @ symbol when you create a new Uber account here. For example “chris@gmail.com” would become “chris+1@gmail.com”.

Step 2: During the sign-up process you will need to upload your identification documents, vehicle insurance and registration. When the system asks you for your ‘RMS Driver History’, please insert a picture of your Driver Authority Card.

Step 3: When this has been completed please email us at partnerssydney@uber.com with the subject ‘uberX Account Clean-up’, after which we can activate your new account and delete your uberX vehicle from your uberTAXI or UberBLACK account.

Step 4: After being activated you are free to use both accounts from the same mobile device by simply logging in and out of each account using the separate email address.

To support you throughout this process we have extended our office opening hours. Please check our website for the latest information, or let us know if you have any questions or email us at partnerssydney@uber.com.

Regards, Uber Sydney Driver Ops

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