UberGOAL – Cash in This December!

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Hi uberX Partners!

2015 is coming and we want to help you maximise your earnings!

Our research shows that Uber partners earn 50%+ more on average when they set earnings goals for themselves. Take a minute to set your earnings goal for now until New Years Eve! We will then provide you with some tips and weekly updates on your progress.

What can you earn? $4000, $5000, maybe $6000…!

[button linkurl=”https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FHEcn4B_8_scfl62PhKvvu9qnrbBY0YvSUtyNxjgyQ8/viewform?usp=send_form” target=”_blank” size=”large”]CLICK HERE TO SET YOUR EARNINGS GOAL[/button]

Things to consider when setting a goal:

  • Be realistic – chances are you are not going to earn a million dollars by 2015…
  • How many hours are you online – the more hours you are willing to be online the more you can earn
  • What hours are you online – if you are willing to work when it’s busiest you can increase your hourly earnings by over 30%


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