Transportation That Is As Reliable As Running Water

Today, Melbourne moved a little differently. Earlier in the week, the Rail, Tram and Bus Union announced a four hour train strike that would impact early morning commuters. We messaged our incredible partner drivers to encourage them to come online this morning to help #KeepMelbourneMoving and boy, did they ever!

By 8am, we saw double the number of driver partners online compared to a normal Friday. With their help, today Uber was able to increase the availability of our service when usual transport options were disrupted.

Number Of Partner Drivers On The Road


We love the fact that the flexibility that Uber offers allows us to increase the number of available drivers online when demand is at its highest – be it a rainy afternoon, Saturday night or even a train strike!

Today, with trains not operating, Uber was able to provide an alternative transport option. The real beauty of Uber, however, is that even when public transport is operating as usual, our service both complements and enhances the existing options.

As the below graphic shows, since the launch of uberX in Melbourne, we have been able to extend the reach of public transport by getting commuters to or from transport hubs and their final destination. Thousands of trips have been taken to or from train stations as a quicker and easier way to access the existing public infrastructure.


Data captured from trips in Victoria since launch.

Not only this but we are also proud of the fact that Uber is expanding transportation options to those who may not have adequate transport alternatives. As you can see below, many trip requests, pick-ups and drop offs occur inside and outside the range of public transportation.


Data captured from trips in Victoria since launch.

Our focus is to ensure Uber is a reliable, affordable and most importantly, safe transport option for Melburnians to get around the world’s most liveable city. We hoped we made the commute a little easier today than it may have been and promise that the team here at Uber will continue to work hard to #KeepMelbourneMoving.

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