Tolls Are Paid To You

So you’ve just gone through a toll with a rider in your car (and they wanted to go this way because you asked them their preferred route when they got in your car!).

As you may know, the toll is paid by the rider and added to the trip fare after the UBER fee, which means if the toll is $2.00 then you are paid $2.00 for the toll.  Make sure you have an e-Tag as tolls are paid at the e-Tag rate.

This happens automatically and there’s no need to write in to get the toll paid.  Sometimes your phone GPS may go through blackout areas or may drop out for no apparent reason and this can cause tolls to sometimes be missed.

Before you write in, make sure you check your partner dashboard to ensure the toll has already been paid, like the below example where a $4.42 toll has been paid onto the trip.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 2.08.24 pm

If the toll has still been missed, then go into that particular trip in your phone app and follow the prompts to have the toll charge reviewed.


Any issues?

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