Sydney Harbour: Not Just for Photographs

Sydney is famous for its beautiful Harbour. Tourists snap photos from the Opera Bar and tell us how fortunate we are to have it, and our waterfront homes are the most expensive in the city. But, like the lucky Australians we are, we largely take our Harbour for granted – and sometimes even blame it for not making the effort to visit “OTB” mates.

Uber Boats, the latest project out of our Uber Garage, are here to make Sydney Harbour work for you.

Uber Boat option

Uber Boat option

  • Did you miss the ferry to the The Island’s #SolSummer Beach Fiesta?
  • Fancy an unplanned picnic date out on Shark Island?
  • Looking for a shortcut from Watson’s Bay to Mosman?

We wish we owned our own Maltese Falcon, but we’d don’t. Uber is here to make living in Sydney classier and easier by introducing efficiency to all modes of transport. From 4pm this Sunday  you can open your regular Uber app and select the BOAT option to see what’s floating nearby. Fares for this promotion will be $3 per minute. All Uber Boats carry at least 8 passengers.

Jump aboard while you can – after Sunday, our Boats will likely be back in dock for Winter.

We’ll be sharing live updates from the water via @Uber_Sydney’s Instagram, Twitter, and semaphore.


UPDATE: Thank you to the passengers and Captains who participated in our very successful trial!

Arriving at The Island in style Doing business on an Uber Boat

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