Switch to uberX and earn $7200 in fares per month

Ridesharing on uberX is the future of transportation in Australia. In Sydney alone, 1000s of drivers are now sharing rides in their personal vehicles, and earning great income at the same time. 100,000s of happy riders use uberX in Sydney, and the Governments of Australia are increasingly recognising the benefits of ridesharing.

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  • Great income – The Uber system is extremely busy. In fact, there’s so much demand that we guarantee you’ll earn at least $30 per hour in fares across more than 80 hours during the week. If you don’t make $30 per hour in fares across these hours, Uber will top you up to $30 per hour in fares. If you were to drive on Uber for 60 hours per week during these guaranteed hours, you’d make $7200 in fares per month.* 
  • Free to join – Stop paying fees to lease a vehicle from a base! Uber is free to join – you just pay a 20% commission on each trip. You keep 80% of fares.
  • Demand – we can’t keep up with demand from riders. We have hundreds of thousands of riders in Sydney and thousands more turn to uberX to get around the city every week.
  • Safety – you have contact details for all passengers (no anonymous street hails!) and we have their credit card on file (no cab bolts!). You no longer have to carry cash.
  • Flexibility – go online and work whenever you want. No set shifts.
  • All through the app – no scanning the street to look for someone who needs a ride


  • You drive your own car (must be 2006+ or newer with 4 doors.)
  • Passengers pay using the Uber app
  • We require you to hold compulsory third party (CTP) plus third party property insurance, which we supplement with $5M of commercial coverage on every trip
  • If you do not already hold a valid Taxi or Hire Car Driver Accreditation, we will conduct background checks


Uber guarantees $30/hour in fares across more than 80 hours per week! Demand for rides during peak hours is very high, with some partners making $40/hr in fares, particularly in our core service area. Remember, you don’t pay any base fees on your vehicle.

Typical fares:

  • You don’t pay base fees.
  • CBD to Double Bay: $13-20
  • CBD to Manly: $35-45 + tolls
  • Bondi to Domestic Airport: $45-60

 Peak hours in which you’re guaranteed $30/hour in fares by Uber:




Signup here and then drop into an uberX onboarding session.

Click here for current location and opening hours.

What to Bring:

  • your Taxi Driver Authority card
  • your car registration (make sure it is current)
  • your car insurance policy (make sure it has not expired, and your name is listed as an insured driver)

*This guarantee is for drivers in Sydney. Qualifying for the $30 per hour minimum hourly guarantee is easy, driver partners just need to be online in our core service area, accept 90% of requests, and complete at least 1 trip per hour.

QUESTIONS? Email us at partnerssydney@uber.com

“On taxi you have to drive 12-hour shifts. On uberX you can drive 4 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours…it’s up to you.” “I don’t have to wear a uniform, I can be in my own car which makes me much more comfortable.” “I have a chance to see much more of my family. There’s really not many job which can give you that.” “Why do I need to pay for the right to drive a taxi?… uberX means I take home more money for my hard work.” “There’s a big cost saving, less stress and that increases everything in your life.” “The customers are interesting and respectful and love Uber. It’s a great way to meet people and see Sydney.”


Rider requests a pick up.

Rider requests a pick up.

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