Safe, Reliable, and Affordable Transport

Uber has always been committed to offering the best possible experience for both riders and drivers. In over three hundred cities around the world, our ridesharing option has revolutionised the way in which people get around cities, ensuring that riders always have access to a convenient, reliable, and affordable way of getting where they need to go.

Safety remains our top priority. We organise over a million trips a day globally and take the responsibility to hold safety practices to an extremely high standard very seriously. Here’s an overview of the measures we take:

Ridesharing Driver Partner Requirements

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 6.15.40 pmAll Driver Partners are required to:

  • Have a full Australian state driver’s licence held for a minimum of six months
  • Pass a driving history check by the state transport authorities- the Roads and Maritime Services in New South Wales, VicRoads in Victoria, the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland and the Department of Transport in Western Australia
  • Pass an Australian Federal Police criminal history check

  • Drive a registered 2006 or newer four-door vehicle that has passed a third party vehicle inspection

  • Be at least 21 years of age



InsuranceAt a minimum, all ridesharing partners are required to have a current policy of compulsory third party (CTP) as well as third party property insurance. In addition to this, all trips are covered by a contingent liability policy arranged by Uber for bodily injury and property damage to third parties.

No Anonymous Ridesnostranger

As a rider, you’re provided with your driver’s name, photograph, licence plate, vehicle type, past rating from other passengers and ways to contact your driver directly. This means you know in advance exactly who is picking you up, and which vehicle they will be arriving in.

There’s no need to wait on the street for your ride to arrive – you can see your driver’s position in real time in-app, meaning you only need to head outside once your ride is at your pickup location.

Always on the Map

mapUber uses a live GPS enabled map and can provide information about your trips. During your ride, the ‘Share my ETA’ function gives you the option to share your journey with a friend or family member in real time so they can follow your route and arrival at your destination.

Safe Credit Card Transactions


Fares are charged to a rider’s chosen payment method, so that no cash changes hands. Because drivers don’t need to carry cash, they are no longer a target for fare evasion or theft. Once your trip is complete, a detailed receipt is emailed to you outlining your trip details and route taken.

Anonymous Feedback


At the end of every journey, you’re asked to rate your driver and leave feedback in the app. This system is anonymous and enables Uber’s extensive support teams to respond promptly to any rider feedback. We review your input to continually improve the service.

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