One Year, One Million Rides

It’s been one year since we launched uberX in Melbourne, and what a year it’s been! In the same month that we’re celebrating our 1st birthday, we’re also celebrating completing 1,000,000 uberX trips in Melbourne!

With this milestone, we wanted to look back at the local impact Uber has had in Melbourne, so we took a look at the data, and crunched some numbers.

What we found is that by providing access to safe and reliable transportation options to anyone, anywhere, at anytime, Uber has helped make Melbourne a safer, more economically vibrant and more connected place to live.




In the first year since launch, our uberX driver partners have provided 1,000,000 trips in Melbourne, with an average arrival time of just 3.8 minutes.


In the past year, over 4,000 flexible, well-paid jobs have been created for Melburnians looking to earn extra income for their families.




Our driver partners are students, retirees, former taxi drivers, parents, those who are unemployed, and even those building their own businesses who want security of income as they do so. Although some drive on the Uber platform full-time, many driver partners use Uber to fill in the gaps.


The typical Melbourne uberX driver partner works 20 hours a week and earns $2,500 per month, on average.





I am so thankful to be a part of the Uber partner family. A few years ago I gave up my job in a production agency to care for my elderly mother in her last stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

 Sadly, my mother passed away earlier this year. I’ve decided that actually, I don’t want to go back to a full time job. Why would I when I can just keep on driving with Uber? The flexibility of Uber has given me back real control over my earnings, and now I can focus more on my crochet business on Etsy and on writing children’s books.” – Miriam, Melbourne


We’ve transported home over 130,000 people on Friday and Saturday nights between 12am and 4am.




And we’ve dropped uberX prices by a further 15%.

For the hundreds of thousands of riders getting around Melbourne with uberX, we’ve always been committed to delivering value, reliability, safety and service. This 15% price cut has made Uber cheaper than ever before. Now Melbourne can Uber all day, every day!




An uberX ride from the CBD to Chapel Street will now be up to 50% cheaper than a taxi. If you’re using the fare-split feature with 3 friends, that’s just $3.25 each.



Happy Uberversary, Melbourne, and here’s to another awesome year!



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