New Holiday Season Taxi Incentive


To support our uberTAXI partners in December, from Monday, December 8 until Sunday, December 21 we will be launching a new incentive where we will guarantee $25 as a minimum trip fare during the week’s busiest hours:

Weekday mornings from 7am – 10am,

Friday & Saturday nights from 5pm – 8pm and 10pm – 1am.

How does it work?

It’s simple – if you complete at least 3 trips during these rush hour periods in a week, and do not cancel any trips – Uber will guarantee that as a minimum you will take home $25 per trip.

For example, if next Tuesday you pick up an Uber rider at 8am from Paddington and drop them off at Martin Place, even though the metre reads $16.40, you will earn $25 in fares. That means, if you complete 8 trips during these hours, as an absolute minimum you will take home $200 in trip fares from Uber.

It’s our way of making sure taxi drivers earn more with Uber!



If your friends also want to sign up to uberTAXI (and be paid the $25 minimum trip fare guarantee), it has never been easier – with the Uber app able to be downloaded on your own phone and the entire application able to be completed online – you don’t even need to come into the office!

In December, we’ll pay you $50 for every friend you bring on board (through the app).

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