Keep Someone in Need Warm This Winter

We’re sure you’ve already noticed, but if not, it’s starting to get cold out – the Melbourne winter is here! And whilst there are some upsides to the winter months (the footy’s back for one!) there are also a lot of downsides, particularly for those in need.

This winter Uber has decided to do something about it. We’re teaming up with St Vincent de Paul Society to assist them in a long standing Melbourne tradition, the Vinnies Blanket Appeal, and here’s how.

Have a blanket to donate?

Order an uberX and we’ll pick it up for you, free of charge!

Here’s how it works

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Enter the promo code UBERBLANKET
  3. Request an uberX
  4. When the car arrives, give your uberX driver the blanket
  5. That’s it! You’re uberX driver will deliver it the nearest Vinnies, free of charge!

Not an Uber user?
Sign up today with the code UBERBLANKET and then follow the steps above.

The appeal will run until 18th July, so find a blanket and donate it to the cause, all without leaving the warmth of your own home!

Let’s see if we can help St Vinnies reach their target of 5,000 blankets this winter.

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