Happy Australia Day! Join our UBER Lamington Drive

The UBER team woke up this morning, tuned into JJJ for the Hottest 100, and wandered down to Bondi Beach to sit in the sun for a touch longer than Mum would have approved. Gosh we are lucky to live in Australia: a country that loves Bob Hawke, Shane Warne, chucking a sickie, Koalas drop bears, putting an -o on the end of anything, Ned Kelly, oversized fruit, meat pies and generally having a crack.

Mitch and Kael hitching a ride to North Bondi with Chris

Mitch and Kael hitching a ride to North Bondi with Chris


Today UBER is putting our own special twist on your old-fashioned Lamington Drive. Catch an UBER this Australia Day and your driver may surprise you with a lamington gift at your destination. We’re talking UBER-grade Yael’s Cakes supplied by Thomas Dux – black and white, but pure gold.

Mitch and Kael from the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club woke up a little late today and needed a quick ride to his patrol. Thankfully, Chris was nearby to pick him in up in under 5 minutes.

Today is not your typical Lamington Drive. Shoot @Uber_Sydney an #UberLamingtonDrive photo on Instagram! This is a small thank you to our early riders for making UBER a huge success already in Sydney and Melbourne. We’ll see the rest of Australia soon.

Happy Straya Day!

-Dave, Mike and Oscar

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