$1000 of Uber credit and some #UberLove for your friends!


$1000 of Uber credit? It’s easy, just invite your friends to ride with Uber!

Since launching in Sydney in November and Melbourne in February, the #UberOz team has been working hard on giving you a classy, reliable alternative to travelling in our beautiful cities. We’ve listened to your feedback, praise and criticism and used it to build a service that makes you think “how did I ever get around before Uber?” We feel pretty good about where we’ve come with you, which is why we’ve decided to provide a little incentive to start you telling your friends about us even more!

What’s the deal?

For this week only, existing users who invite friends to join Uber with their own personal code will have the offer DOUBLED. That’s right, DOUBLE CREDIT! On sign up, the new user receives a $20 credit and when they ride, and the person who introduced them also receives a $20 credit. Anyone with an Uber account can invite up to 50 people: if all those 50 people ride in an Uber before 8pm Monday 8 July, then you’ll find $1000 in Uber credit on your account.

How to share:

Every one of you who has the Uber app installed already has a unique code to share with friends. To find it, simply tap the top left icon in the app, then select SHARE. If you think your code would be better with a personal touch, just change it! Log onto your account online and click on the ‘Invite Friends’ tab to edit your code.

What’s the fine print?

  • Your friend must take their first ride during the promo period for you to receive the $20 credit. Otherwise you’ll receive the regular $10 offer.
  • Your friend’s $20 Uber credit will not expire and can be used after the promotional period has ended.
  • You can share your Uber invite code with a maximum of 50 people. That’s up to $1000 of credit if everyone rides this week!
  • The promo runs from midday Monday 1st July to 8pm Monday 8 July – so get sharing!

Real money

This is real money. $20 may be a free ride home for someone. So when you’re asking yourself where to share, think of all your friends that could do with a free cab ride, then think about how they would feel if it was a slick hire car instead. Then invite away!

Thanks for your continued support Uberstralians!


Team #UberOz

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