Foley Backs Uber

Today, NSW Labor Leader, Luke Foley, announced that he will introduce a private member’s bill to regulate ridesharing in NSW.

Mr Foley recognised the positive and ever-growing impact that ridesharing is having on Sydney, and other cities across the country.

The Labor leader called on Governments to embrace ridesharing with a regulatory regime that provides the certainty needed for riders and drivers to fully benefit from the innovative solutions that ridesharing provides to some of our cities’ greatest problems.

“I refuse to believe the only role for government in this bold new economy is to weakly sandbag levees that are destined eventually to break.” – Luke Foley, NSW Labor Leader

Foley is not the first to call on Governments across Australia to recognise that innovative technologies are changing the way Australians live, work and get around their cities.

Victorian Liberal Party Leader, Matthew Guyrecently applauded ridesharing for the choice and opportunities that it offered the people of Victoria, while the ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barrhas committed to introducing sensible regulations that will lay down a regulatory framework for ridesharing in the Capital.

“We need to embrace new technologies like Uber that improve our city and state” – Matthew Guy, VIC Liberal Leader

The NSW Minister for Finance and Innovation, Dominic Perrottethas made clear that ‘Governments should not stand in the way of this change but seek to facilitate it.’  The Chair of the Competition Policy Review, Professor Ian Harper, has similarly called on regulators to catch up with change, rather than inhibiting consumer choice.

“Regulation of such services should be consumer-focused, flexible enough to accommodate technical solutions to the problem being regulated and not inhibit innovation or protect existing business models.” – Professor Ian Harper, Chair of Competition Policy Review

Even Graeme Samuel, Chairman of the Victorian Taxi Services Commissionhas recognised that Government attempts to hold back progress will be ultimately unsuccessful in face of the ‘might and substance of the public’ and the overwhelming popular support that ridesharing enjoys.

Indeed, many of the political voices calling for the regulation of ridesharing echo the overwhelming public support for Uber and ridesharing.

Today, nearly 1 million Australians have tried and come to love the safe, reliable and affordable transport options that ridesharing provides.

Every single day, tens of thousands of riders rely on ridesharing to get around their cities, while thousands of drivers depend on ridesharing for reliable income to support themselves and their families.

The deafening chorus of voices calling for change cannot, and will not, be ignored.

It’s now time for Government to act.


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