Dear Melbourne: The ride of the future is already here

This week the Napthine Government announced major reforms of the Victoria taxi and hire car industry, adopting many (but not all) of the recommendations from Allan Fels’ Victoria Taxi Inquiry.

Premier Napinthe is asking you to wait up to three years for the reforms to take full effect. Time will tell whether the reforms achieve the desired outcomes for passengers and drivers.

You don’t have to wait to get a reliable, convenient ride. Uber is already here for you to use today.

For the past 5 months, Uber Melbourne has partnered with licensed Hire Car drivers to provide a service that already delivers many of the fundamental features promised by the reform:

  • “Riders First”: Clients decide who the best drivers are – you are required to rate your driver at the end of each trip, and only the best drivers remain in the Uber system. If you need any post-trip user service then you can find us on e-mail or twitter.
  • Flexible pricing to get more cars on the road  Uber fares increase automatically in peak times if passenger demand exceeds the cars available. Higher fares encourage more drivers to come out and work, which in turn ensures clients can always get a ride when they need it.
  • 0% (not 5%, not 10%) credit card surcharge: There’s no need for a CabCharge device since every Uber vehicle already has a device for processing credit card payments: an iPhone. All you have to do is walk out of the car at the end of your trip, and your account is billed.
  • Entrepreneurship: Most drivers that work with Uber are independent operators who own their own business and work whenever they want. That is poised to grow. Hire Car licences for pre-booked luxury vehicles are more affordable than taxi plates and there is no cap on growth.

So there’s no need to wait. Just download the Uber app right now, and enjoy what thousands in Melbourne, Sydney, and 30 cities around the world are doing to get a safe, convenient, and reliable ride just with the push of a button.

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