Connecting Sydney’s Villages

It’s no secret that Sydney is a city of villages. From Bondi to Bankstown, Maroubra to Manly, our suburbs are as individual as they are intriguing.

But getting around Sydney’s neighbourhoods hasn’t always been easy. Just over half of the city, and over a third of its population, lies in a ‘transport desert’: an area more than 800m from medium frequency public transport.

With an average arrival time of 4.1 minutes and prices up to half that of a taxi, uberX ridesharing has real impact on the lives of those underserved by public transport. In fact, over the past year, 64.4% of Uber trips in Sydney began or ended in a transport desert.

Over the past year, 64.4% of Uber rides in Sydney began or ended in a transport desert.

For suburbs like Maroubra, which have been traditionally underserved by public transport, the advent of ridesharing means exciting new possibilities for residents and visitors alike.

Maroubra SLSC

Locals like Daniel are increasingly relying on Uber to get to and from the CBD and around the southern beaches:


A return trip from Maroubra to the city and back on Uber is cheaper than driving and paying for parking.

Trying to get home from the city via a taxi has also proved to be really difficult in the past – especially around lock out time. Usually as soon as you say that you are going to Maroubra the taxi refuses to let you in.” Daniel, Maroubra resident and Uber rider.

As an author of a bi-monthly local publication, and proud Uber driver partner, Paul is passionate about the local community, and always excited to help riders like Daniel get around:


“I run my own business, so when I have free time I get out and drive. I do 2-3 mornings a week and drive Saturdays. It’s good to be around this area as I know it well and it’s great to meet the locals – I’m passionate about local business and helping others.”  – Paul, Maroubra resident and Uber driver partner

In fact, this year alone, Sydneysiders used Uber more than 15,000 times to get to or from Maroubra, with an average arrival time of just 4.57 minutes. There’s a similar story north of the bridge, where Uber has helped riders make the journey to or from Manly 30,000 times in 2015, with an average arrival time of just 4.6 minutes.

Maroubra Beach

Sydneysiders have used Uber to get to or from Maroubra 15,000 times in 2015, and taken over 30,000 trips to or from Manly.

Encouragingly, while some use Uber to commute to or from work, or as a safe way to get home after lock out on a Friday or Saturday night, many locals in areas underserved by public transport use Uber as an affordable way to get to or from major transit routes, thereby complementing and extending Sydney’s existing transport infrastructure:

Uber trips in areas underserved by public transport

What’s clear is that Uber has real impact on the lives of people living in areas that lack dependable transport options.

Where isolation once meant over-reliance on private vehicles or irregular and unreliable public transport, Uber increasingly offers safe, reliable, convenient and affordable transport options, and in the process opens up our city like never before.


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