UberX launched in April to give Sydney a safer and more affordable ride and its been a huge success. Riders love the reliability, convenience and choice that uberX gives them. Drivers love the technology too and are joining the Uber platform to turn their spare time and empty seats into some extra money for things that matter to them – saving up for medical school or a wedding dress.

We’ve got Sydney moving again: consumers are more keen to leave home to shop, wine and dine when they have a safe, reliable and affordable way to get around town. This a win for consumers, for drivers who make more money and small businesses that enjoy the increase in revenue generated by more people leaving their homes to shop or socialise.

Uber also reduces the incidents of drunk driving in the cities where we operate. In Seattle, we estimate that the entrance of Uber caused the number of drink-driving arrests to fall by more than 10%.

Ride-sharing is revolutionizing the way Sydneysiders move around their city and we could not be more delighted by the response uberX has received. Of course, there are those that oppose change and believe that the past is better than the future. Change is always hard, but innovation means its inevitable and we are committed to working with the government of New South Wales to put the interest of consumers first.

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