Be Prepared for Sydney’s Lockouts

This weekend will be a big test for Sydney, as the new anti-violence lockout laws come into effect forcing CBD venues to call last drinks at 3:00am. This coincides with changeover time, so taxi drivers are warning that it will be even harder than usual to get a ride.

Uber is the only app in Sydney that offers revellers a reliable taxi alternative with UberBLACK – classy Hire Car vehicles at rates 20-40% more than a taxi. Hire Car drivers are typically independent business owners who do not have to return their car to a base at a set time, so they come out and work during peak times when passengers need their services most.

Despite widespread expectation that there will be insufficient taxis during these critical hours, the NSW Taxi Council has proposed that Sydney’s more than 1,000 Hire Cars not be allowed to pick up stranded lockout patrons with less than 24 hours notice.

Here are some tips from your Uber Sydney team for a safe night out:


  1. Stay off the street: If you step out of a bar after 1:30am lockout, you’re on the street until you find transport. With the Uber app you can stay inside the bar until you have a car confirmed. Don’t make your move until you see your driver outside on your map.
  2. Split the costs: Rides can be expensive, but you can easily split the fare with mates inside the Uber app.
  3. Share your ETA: Let your loved one track your location and know you are on your way home with an SMS.

Share Your ETA


Have fun out there, but be safe. We have an extra big shout-out this weekend to everybody headed to the Mardi Gras parade – get out there and Ride with Pride!


Mike, Arj, Bel, Alex, Oscar and David

Ride with Pride



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