As Demand Grows in Australia and New Zealand, So Does Uber

Today, in Australia and New Zealand, the Gold Coast and Wellington became the latest cities to welcome Uber, joining over 180 cities globally and bringing our regional tally to nine.

Since Uber launched Sydney in 2012, we’ve experienced extraordinary demand from both riders and drivers and have been overwhelmed by your support.  It’s been an amazing ride, but we have so much further to go.

The trips taken number in the millions as Uber becomes a way of life for more and more Australians and New Zealanders who enjoy its safety, reliability, convenience and affordability. As of today, our technology services Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Auckland and Wellington – and we’re just getting started.

We are also seeing outstanding economic opportunities opened up to thousands of previously un- or under-employed partner drivers who have joined the Uber platform and continue to join every day. Globally, we are creating over 20,000 jobs a month and, as we continue to grow in the region, a significant amount of these opportunities are in Australia and New Zealand.

More and more cities are putting the needs and wishes of riders and drivers over incumbent industries who would prefer to try to stifle innovation and protect their own turf rather than up their own game. If the people didn’t want change, Uber would not be achieving exponential growth week over week.

Leaders around the world, from the EU Commission Vice President to GovernorsMinisters and Mayors, are recognising this and are working to adapt outdated legislation. The incredible vision and leadership we have seen from a number of individuals and parties in Australia and New Zealand demonstrates that the voices of consumers who want choice, and drivers who want opportunity, are being heard and have champions within government.

NSW Minister for Finance, Dominic Perrottet, spoke for the people of his constituency and state in calling for innovation, choice and opportunity to be embraced.

He said,  “One thing is clear to me. The sharing economy is here to stay. The more people move online and take up social, mobile and reputational platforms, the more this is going to grow. It’s an efficient use of resources and the uptake so far already shows that the market has spoken. My view is that governments should not stand in the way of this change but seek to facilitate it”.

The WA Liberal party also refused to kowtow to the incumbent industry and voted at their state party conference for regulations that prevented services like Uber from operating to be removed.

Speaking about the vote, Paul Miles, WA Liberal MP, said, “It’s great to be a member of a party and Government that supports the removal of red tape that creates new jobs and gives riders what they want.”

The ACCC has also provided several recommendations supporting consumer choice in transportation and Graeme Samuel, when Chairman of the ACCC, made this comment.

“What we are doing is getting rid of impediments so that technology can have the competitive impact it should have. Incumbents have been able to use the strength of regulations to build dominant positions in the market place. Their market power has to be watched very carefully. That’s the challenge for the ACCC.”

Even NSW Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian acknowledges that users want choice and the government needs to adapt its legislation, which is currently being updated for the first time since 1990.

“I want to make that point clear, that everybody is now open in relation to booking services and apps . . . This is an issue in progress and the Government is considering future steps and what riders want and obviously we are undertaking these issues in a very logical manner, but I completely appreciate the complexity around those issues.”

Demand for Uber in Australia and New Zealand has been phenomenal. Scare campaigns aren’t working. We’re growing, we’re here to stay and we look forward to pushing forward with governments in all states and jurisdictions to provide choice and opportunity for all.


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