A Recipe for Success

Keiry has a passion for baked goods. But unlike most of us, she doesn’t just eat them: she bakes them—elaborate and beautiful artisanal cakes.

After receiving a certificate from Le Cordon Bleu’s bakery and pastry program, Keiry started working full time at a bakery. But soon, she realized that she wanted to start a baking and design business of her own. With bakery shifts totalling 50 hours a week, Keiry had little time to invest in or launch her idea.

At first, Keiry was going to look into part-time restaurant work to fund her business and give her the time to get her venture started. But then a friend told Keiry about the flexibility of driving with Uber. It sounded like the perfect way to make the money to launch her bakery and design service; she could maintain a steady flow of income on her own time and schedule. As soon as she put in her two-weeks notice at the bakery, she started driving with Uber.

Since starting with Uber, Keiry has been able to use her earnings to build a dessert, decor, and design business: KVD Gallery. She caters a few events a week, and is looking to buy a food truck to sell some of her specialties, which include cupcakes, fresh fruit tarts, and macaroons. Initially, Keiry was driving up to 30 hours a week, but she is finding that as her earnings with Uber help fuel and grow her business, she is able to drive less and invest more time in KVD Gallery.