uberX Sydney Onboarding

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  Thanks for applying to Uber!


Thanks for applying to Uber! In order to get you on the road we need to gather a range of documents and have you come in for an onboarding session.


On-boarding Sessions

Please check the website above for the latest hours and location.

If you have a few questions that you want to ask before completing your application then feel free to come along to a session for a no obligation chat.

Required Documents

We need you to provide 5 documents to us by bringing them into the office when you come in. Please bring all documents with you.

 Please click here for a detailed explanation of what documents are required & where to get them

These documents are:

  • your NSW Driver’s Licence (needs to be a NSW licence)
  • your Passport or Birth Certificate
  • your Insurance Policy (you must be a listed driver, it needs a valid expiry)
  • your NSW Registration for the vehicle you are looking to drive on uberX
  • your RMS Driving History Check (available from t.uber.com/history, we reimburse the $21 cost)

Please note: You will complete a Background Check Consent Form at the session, which is the final stage of the process.

Bring a friend along to the session and you will qualify for a $250 bonus once they are active and complete 20 trips!


Eligibility to drive

Please note  – you are unfortunately not eligible to partner with Uber if:

  • you have had a 4-demerit point or higher offence in the last 5 years or;
  • your licence was suspended in the last 10 years (fine default is acceptable) or;
  • you have incurred any drug or alcohol infractions at any time;
  • you have not held an unrestricted NSW licence for at least 12 months;
  • your car is registered in a company name.


Please note: there is plentiful street parking available around the office, but please check the parking signs. 


Any issues?

Please contact us at your city’s email address below