uberX Onboarding Sessions

Thanks for applying to Uber!


Thanks for applying to Uber! In order to get you on the road we need to gather a range of documents and have you come in for an onboarding session.

Onboarding Sessions

Onboarding sessions in Geelong are held every couple of weeks. Keep and eye out for an email with the details of the next session.

Want to start driving right now? Come on up to an onboarding session in Melbourne and we’ll get you started! Click the link below for session times.

Melbourne Session Times


Required Documents

We need you to provide 3 documents to us by gathering them and bring them into the office when you come in. Please bring all documents with you.

 Please click here for a detailed explanation of what documents are required and where to get them

These documents are:

  • your driver’s licence (needs to be a Victorian licence)
  • your passport or birth certificate
  • your insurance policy (you must be a listed driver, it needs a valid expiry)

Please note: All other documents listed on your dashboard (e.g. ‘Driving History’ or ‘Driver’s Details’) will be completed at the onboarding session and do not need to provided in advance by you.

Provide all 3 documents at the session and you will qualify for a $100 bonus once you are active and complete 20 trips


Eligibility to drive

Please note if you do not meet the following requirements, Uber reserves the right to request that you receive your Hire Car Accreditation before we may partner with you:

  • you have not held an open Victorian Licence for more than 6 months
  • you have ever lost your licence
  • you have any criminal convictions

To be eligible, your car must:

  • not be registered in a company name and;
  • have 4 doors or more and;
  • be less then 9 years old



Any issues?

Please contact us at your city’s email address below