uberX Required Documents

 We need your documents!

Thanks for signing up to become a partner with Uber! When you signed up you will have been directed to our sign-up process and asked to provide some information and upload some documents. Below are some further instructions to help you through the process and get you on the road! If you signed out of the sign-up process you can always get back in!  Head to partners.uber.com and login. You provided your email and password when you initially signed up.


What car do you drive?

The sign-up process asks you to enter your car type. The car you require to partner with Uber is:

  • 4 doors,
  • 2005 or newer.

There are a range of car makes and models to choose from however not every car in production will be listed. Don’t worry, you can still partner with Uber! We add new cars as they come on to the system. Just pick the closest type and continue. We can fix it up later. Please note: although you do not have to be the registered owner of the car, you must be a listed driver on the car’s insurance policy.


The required documents

There are 5 documents we need you to provide. Please bring all 5 along to the onboarding session.


1. Your NSW Driver’s Licence

Easy. We need an NSW driver’s licence that you have held for 1 year or more. Make sure the expiry date is able to be clearly seen. (Put your New South Wales licence on a white background before you take the photo)

Examples of acceptable and non-acceptable Drivers Licences

2. RMS Driving History or Driver Authority Card

If you do have a current Driver Authority Card (Taxi, Hire Car or Bus – example shown below) simply bring this into the office.


Optional: Driver Authority Card

If you do not have a Driver Authority Card,  or your Driver Authority Card has expired, we need a copy of your RMS Driving History. Go to t.uber.com/history to get it in seconds. It costs $21, but Uber are happy to reimburse you for this cost if desired. Alternatively, you can go to an RMS office to obtain it. In either case, we’ll need to see a printed copy of this document so make sure you bring it with you.

RMS Driving History


3. NSW Vehicle Registration

The vehicle you choose to drive on uberX needs to be registered in NSW. That means that any documents provided by the Queensland, Victorian or other state motor registries cannot be accepted. Please bring along your Registration, which is generally the blue and yellow sheet provided each year by the RMS. It needs to show:

  1. Vehicle Make, Model and Year
  2. Vehicle Registration Number (licence plate)
  3. Expiration date (must be current)
  4. NSW RMS Insignia

Your name does not have to be on the Registration, as long as you are specifically listed as an insured driver.


4. Comprehensive or Third Party Property Vehicle Insurance

We need to get a valid copy of your insurance. To partner with Uber, your car must have comprehensive or Third Party Property Insurance and you must be listed on the policy. Note: Green Slip (CTP) is not accepted. The document you provide must clearly show all of the below. Contact your insurance company if you do not have one at hand.

  1. Name (your name)
  2. Vehicle Make, Model and Registration Number (licence plate)
  3. Expiration date (must be current)
  4. The type of insurance (either Third Party Property or Comprehensive)

Usually your Certificate of Insurance or policy schedule will have the required information. Please contact your insurer and explain the detail you require. They should be able to send it to you. We cannot accept:

  • Green Slip (Basic Compulsory Third Party);
  • Monthly insurance unless there is a clear indication that whilst paid monthly it is an annual policy with an expiry date;
  • Vehicles insured in a company name.


5. Your Passport or Birth Certificate

We need a copy of the photo page of your passport or your birth certificate. Both these documents may be issued overseas.

Passport: May be International

Birth Certificate: May be International


Great! Gather the above come into an onboarding session. You only need to attend once!

Monday – Wednesday: 11am – 2pm,

Thursday: 5pm – 8pm,


Saturdays: 10am – 3pm


4 William Street, Five Dock, 2046


Any issues?

Please visit help.uber.com!

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