4/3 Update

Congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats, NCAA (and most importantly!) #UberMadness Champions! Remember, Kentucky fans, you’ll be riding FREE until Friday at 5pm or your 10th ride of the promotion.

Thanks to all who played #UberMadness!

4/1 Update

And then there were two! Congrats to Kansas and Kentucky fans who are now riding for 64% and 32% off, respectively! Be sure to watch the championship game Monday night (4/2) to see which team’s discount goes to 100%!!

3/26 Update

The Final Four is set – congrats to the 24% of you that are still alive, particularly those Louisville fans out there getting 64% off all week! Here’s the breakout:




3/19 Update

After two rounds of #UberMadness, 49% of you remain alive, having collectively chosen 15 of the Sweet 16 (Ohio University slipped in!). In terms of upsets, Vanderbilt and Florida State tripped up the most people, while going forward, Kentucky is the top choice, followed by North Carolina and Ohio State.

As for discounts – those of you choosing NC State (current 44% discount) and Xavier (current 40% discount) are the big winners so far. Great picks! See the rest of the current discounts here and good luck this weekend!

Original Post

At Uber, we’re making predictions every day – it’s all about matching supply and demand. But now, with March Madness kicking off this week, here’s your turn to make a prediction. Introducing: #UberMadness! However, just as traffic, weather and events can get in our way, the buzzer-beating upsets and Cinderella stories of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament can derail your predictions! That’s why we’re busting your brackets with some serious Uber stakes:

We’re giving big Uber discounts based on the success of your chosen team in the tournament…and of course, we’re giving free Uber to anyone that picks the tournament champion! Here’s how to play in #UberMadness:

How Do I Enter?
Step 1: Choose your team
Step 2: Enter the corresponding discount code (below) in the app or at uber.com.
Step 3: Learn your team’s fight song!

What Do I Win?
You’ll start with an Uber discount equal to the seeding of your favorite team. Pick a #1 seed and you begin with a 1% discount, a #2 seed a 2% discount, and so on down the line. Each time your team wins, the discount doubles, until you’re riding for FREE. If your team loses, all discounts are lost – womp-womp :(, so choose your team and when to ride carefully! See a full schedule of discounts by seed, by round here and follow updates on this blog post after each round.

It’s going to be a great March so get your code loaded before tip-off Thursday and get ready for a wild month of #UberMadness!

-Promo code must be entered by 12pm EDT on Thursday, March 15 (Play in games will receive their seeded discount for Thurs/Fri games). Limit one code per client.
-Promo code for the NCAA champion will remain valid until Friday, April 6 at 5pm EDT.
-Initial discount is equal to your team’s seed (e.g. 3 seed = 3%), effective immediately upon entry.
(1) Discount doubles with each victory (e.g. a 3 seed winning gets you 6%, then 12% and so on) and cannot exceed 100%;
(2) Discount ends with a loss.
-Discount percentages updated at the conclusion of each round (3/16, 3/18, 3/23, 3/25, 3/31, 4/2).
-Discount ($30 max. per trip) applied on your *first 10 trips* prior to Friday, April 6 at 5pm EDT.

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