6 Fabulous Farmers’ Markets in New York City

Whether you’re a budding foodie, professional chef, or busy parent hoping to get a healthy meal on the table, top-tier produce is one of the best ways to up your dinner game. As New York City’s culinary scene continues to rise, so does the demand for organic, locally-sourced ingredients.

Fortunately, while the Big Apple may be a concrete jungle, it’s surrounded by some of the most fertile farmlands in the country. These diverse markets scattered throughout the boroughs offer up the best of the best. Once you’ve stocked up on all the heirloom vegetables, sustainably-raised meats, sourdough breads, and homemade preserves you can carry home, be sure to call an Uber to avoid having to haul groceries on the subway.

175th Street Greenmarket

At the 175th Street Greenmarket wild seafood, artisan breads, freshly-pressed ciders, bee pollen, and a wealth of exceptional produce have helped make this a neighborhood favorite. What helps set this well-established Thursday market apart is its selection of Mexican specialty products, including rare chilies and spices.

Union Square Greenmarket

What began as a humble affair with a few stands four decades ago, Union Square Greenmarket has evolved into the city’s most famous farmers’ market. Today, more than 140 vendors sell their wares to over 60,000 customers four days a week at this sprawling institution in the heart of Manhattan. Regular events range from a workshop on how to grind masa for authentic tortillas to a country-style fair to demonstrations by famous restaurants such as Il Buco.

Wholesale Greenmarket

A darling of local chefs, Wholesale Greenmarket is the city’s only wholesale, open-air market features more than 100 types of pristine produce, most of them harvested less than 24 hours before they’re put up for sale. Nothing travels far from the farm and everything is traceable. You’ll have to arrive early, but the bargains here are unbeatable.

New York Botanical Garden Greenmarket

With more than a million varieties of flora thriving across its lush, 250-acre grounds, the New York Botanical Garden more than merits a visit for families and nature-lovers. The fact that it boasts its own small, but utterly charming farmers’ market only sweetens the deal. During the summer months, shoppers take classes on everything from horticulture to photography, then they swing by the market to load up on top-notch produce.

Harvest Home

A balanced diet rich in nutrients shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for a lucky few. Harvest Home, which appears in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, is all about bringing fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables to families at affordable prices. Run by a nonprofit since 1993, the market serves more than 250,000 happy shoppers every year.

Park Slope Farmers’ Market

Brooklyn has morphed into a mecca for lovers of all things artisanal in the last decade, and the beloved Park Slope Farmers’ Market showcases some of the borough’s finest foods. Vendors at the Old Stone House hawk everything from humanely raised meats to hand-made pickles to craft supplies. In-the-know locals visit this spot to stock up on heirloom vegetables and global cuisine.

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