5 Questions to Ask Before the Ride

First impressions are essential, and you can make a positive first impression with the rider by asking a few simple questions within the first few minutes of a ride. It’s not mandatory to ask these questions, but they’re likely to be appreciated because they’re an indication that you’re going the extra mile to make their ride a pleasant experience.

1. Do You Have a Preferred Route?

Whether it’s the quickest route possible or taking the long way to admire the scenery, some riders may be very particular about the directions they want to take to their destination. Be sure to ask at the start of the ride if they have a preference, and set your GPS accordingly.

2. Is the Temperature OK?

The rider will be more comfortable if they aren’t too hot or too cold. You can’t control the temperature outside the car, but you can make adjustments to your air conditioning and heat. Summer or winter, make sure you ask your rider if they’re agreeable to the climate in your car.

3. Would You Like to Listen to Something Specific?

If someone is dashing to a job interview, they’re likely to want to listen to different music than they would for a night out. Music can have an impact on the mood of any rider, so ask if they have a particular radio station or playlist that they’d like to hear or if they’d rather sit back and relax in silence. If you have an adaptor, you can let them control the music directly from their phone.

4. Would You Like Snacks, Gum, or Water?

While it’s certainly not mandatory to keep snacks, gum, and water in the car for riders, many Uber partners offer these to make the rider’s experience more convenient and pleasurable. Whether you’re offering the rider water on hot days or snacks to get them going in the morning, make sure you keep snacks on hand.

5. How Are You Today, ________ ?

Sure, some riders may be distracted by their overflowing email inbox and influx of text messages, but anyone will like the extra attention. If it’s clear that the passenger would rather not chat, take the cue and end the conversation. Pro Tip: People always like hearing their own name, so make sure you slip it into the question when you ask how they are.

These questions will help you personalize the ride for the rider—and perhaps asking one or all of them will help you score a coveted five-star rating.