5 Essential iPhone Apps for Dates

Tony Bennett left his heart here. The summer of love was made famous here. San Francisco is absolutely one of the most enchanting cities to fall under one another’s spell. Unlike Mr. Bennett’s time, today it’s easier than ever to find success in the often-inhospitable world of dating. Here are the top 5 iPhone apps to successfully hone in Cupid’s arrows.

5. Fake-a-Call

We’ve all had those dates that feel straight out of a horror movie. Where the night’s beginning and end couldn’t reach one another more quickly. This app is essential for the unfortunate situation where you need to get out as quickly as humanly possible. While you excuse yourself to the bathroom, you simply prepare the necessary settings for your “emergency” call. You then receive that call from the name you’ve setup (Grandma), at the time you specified (in 2 minutes), and begin to express shock and sadness over hearing that Grandma’s in the hospital. One of the neatest features of the app is that the other end of the line will be one of 18 well thought-out scripts designed for you to repeat for a flawless escape.

4. OkCupid

No matter how precisely you design your perfect evening, without an actual date, you’re left watching Friends reruns in your pajamas. OkCupid is one of the few free, quality mobile dating services. It allows you to browse other singles based on region, hobbies, beliefs or whatever requirements you may have. Wink, message, or chat with your interests. The app also allows you to see who’s checked out your profile, which can do wonders for those with self-esteem issues.

3. OpenTable

Nothing screams “undatable” more than lack of preparation for a date or special occasion (hint hint February 14th…write it down). OpenTable has made the process of making reservations completely painless. You’re no longer stuck calling  restaurant after restaurant finding availability. Instead, you specify the time, date and party number, and all available restaurants that can accommodate you are displayed. You then make your reservations right from the app. Genius.

2. Date Smart

It’s like UrbanSpoon, but for dates. This app is the ultimate brainstorm for the romantically challenged. It helps you generate a date plan under several different categories like “Adventurous,” “At Home,” “Romantic,” and several others specific to your location, price range and occasion.

1.Uber App

You’ve got the date and you’ve got the restaurant. Now you  simply need to get the former to the latter in a way that screams  “You complete me.” Enter Uber. You merely click a button on your phone and a black town car/limo is directly en route to  your destination (for up to 70% less than going through a normal limo service and with significantly less hassle). One of the coolest  features of this app is the ability to watch, in real time, your car approaching on a google map. Not to mention the fact that the entire transaction is cashless and tip-less. The whole experience shamelessly trumps riding in a normal taxi. Uber is smooth, unforgettable and studies might show, an aphrodisiac.

What apps do you use for dates? Have you used any of these? We’d love to hear your feedback, so don’t be shy.

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