4 Ways to Beat Monotony Between Rides

Sometimes waiting for your next trip request can be tedious, and you may even be restless and looking for something to do. Fortunately, the time you spend waiting between rides can not only be productive but fun. Consider the following tips to help you stay engaged between picking up riders:

Catch Up With Friends

The phone call seems to be a lost form of communication, but it’s still one of the best ways to catch up with your friends. Use any downtime that you have between picking up riders to make weekend plans with friends, check in with old pals, or even let grandma know that you’re still doing well. But however you choose to use your phone time, be sure that you’re using safe practices and hands-free devices if you’re driving with Uber.

Visit Local Attractions

One of the benefits of driving with Uber is the freedom to work when and where you like. This means that the any time that you have between riders is really free time you can use to explore and enjoy your city. Take a new route toward local attractions, get to know your downtown area better, and discover new populated areas where riders could be looking for a safe driver with Uber.

Time that you spend exploring can also help you discover busier working areas and find your next rider. Consider exploring your city at different times during the day so you can find what maximizes your rides and works best with your schedule.

Listen to Audiobooks and Learn Another Language

Who said downtime had to be boring? Listening to books on tape (either fictional stories or for professional development) can help keep you engaged during downtime. Consider downloading audiobooks of your favorite fiction series, subscribing to an educational podcast for your own professional development, or listening to recordings and study a new language.

If you’re taking college courses, you can often find audio content that will help you study for your next exam. You can also look for audiobooks that are applicable to driving with Uber, like becoming an entrepreneur, or about what it takes to be more successful on your own. The freedom and flexibility of driving with Uber can help your educational journey in more ways than one. Use this as an opportunity to grow.

Take a Break or Plan For Busier Ride Times

If you’ve been searching for a rider with no luck for an extended period of time, don’t be afraid to take a break. Grab lunch, enjoy a cup of coffee, or join a pickup game of basketball at a park for a half hour. Remember that you have the freedom to choose when you drive with Uber and when you can take a break. Use this opportunity to drive at the best times that work around your schedule.

If you find that you’re having too much time between riders, consider driving with Uber more during the evenings, around holidays, Fridays, and weekends to start. There’s typically more demand around these times.

Additionally, you should plan to work around areas where there are popular events or more people looking for drivers, such as sporting events, airports, hotels, and evening festivities. This will help you find times where there is a higher demand for drivers and help eliminate the downtime in between riders.


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