$36 in Washington DC: Day-Tripping From Sculpture to Sculpture

The core of monumental Washington is on the National Mall but larger-than-life museum-quality sculptures are hidden in plain site across the city. There’s no better way to take a tour around town than with a couple friends and Uber. This is the perfect expedition to split your fares. The friend without an Uber account will be prompted to download the app and sign up. Uber-savvy friends will be taken right to the app when they request a ride and select the split fare option. If you’re in the mood for a solo jaunt around town but want to keep costs down, then uberPOOL is a great option. You might make new friends who are going in the same direction.

Start in Georgetown

Have a cappuccino and croissant at Patisserie Poupon at 1645 Wisconsin Ave NW. On the last sip, call an Uber to go to 1516 31st St NW. The fare will be $5-6. Check out the gigantic lipstick-red tubular pipe on the front lawn.

Head to Dupont Circle

Now call an Uber partner for a ride to the corner of Q & 21st Streets & Massachusetts Ave NW, north of Dupont Circle for $5-6. See tall, frail, elegant Ghandi. Swathed in a shawl, he’s mid-stride in a little park replete with polished stone bench, weeping beech tree and yellow, white, purple and blue marigolds.

Make Your Way Up Mass Avenue

Head right on foot to the Croatian Embassy at 2343 Massachusetts Ave NW. There’s the colossal, teal-bronze 3rd century St. Jerome the Priest. He sits cross-legged, shoulders bent and head in his hands reading a massive book on his lap.

Then head to 3100 Massachusetts Ave NW (an Uber will cost $5-6) and meet Winston Churchill, cigar in hand, with one foot on American soil, the other on the British Embassy grounds. Rose bushes decorate this park. Tear off a sprig and lay in his left hand if a bloom isn’t already there. It’s a local tradition to dress him up.

Cross Town to Judiciary Square

Call an Uber partner to go to the verdant courtyard of the E. Barrett Pettyman U.S. Court House on 333 Constitution Ave NW for $9-12. Sitting on a low stonewall—among jurors, staff and tourists—are two 1900s-era gentlemen in three-piece suits playing chess. Their appearance is so lifelike you won’t realize they’re actually bronze. Don’t forget to go across the courtyard and outside the Canadian Embassy is a huge sculpture of a canoe and a motley crew of 13 mythological riders, floating in a shallow pool. It’s a funny sight.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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