3 years in Zurich

It’s been 3 years since Uber hit the streets of Switzerland, and it’s been an absolutely exhilarating ride

Thank you for letting us move you in the last 3 years, Zurich! As part of this incredible adventure, we thought we’d crunch a few numbers and let you know exactly how much you’ve moved us.


250,000 rides

As of August 2016, we’ve moved a quarter million of you across Zurich and Switzerland


9,000,000 km

That’s almost the exact distance to make 12 trips to the moon – and back!


600km and 6 hours

The longest Uber trip took place from Zurich to Trieste at the Italian/Slovanian border and lasted approximately 6 hours over a distance of more than 600km!


As our trips have expanded, so have our options

From uberBLACK to uberX, we have become synonymous with a seamless, yet stylish experience. Add uberPOP, sometimes uberCHOPPER and uberBICYCLE to the mix, and you have different options for the different needs of a truly diverse country.


5 minute ETA

That’s equivalent to the time it takes to complete 200 sit-ups, take 64 breaths or show off your best Macarena moves.


4 cities

In 2013, we launched Uber in Zurich, 2014 Geneva and Basel followed and in early 2015 we made our way to Lausanne. What lies ahead? #UberEverywhere

We create experiences which move you

Places, people and experiences are what truly drive us. Since our launch in 2013, we’ve given you the chance to go on a treasure hunt in an exclusive Uncharted Jeep to win a PlayStation PS 4, delivered the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at the tap of a button, picked up some lucky riders for meet & greets with Oliver Heldens and G-Eazy and let’s not forget the legendary Sora-Sushi on demand delivery that led to our servers almost overheating with over 25’000 requests in only 3 hours.


Since 2013, we’ve enabled over 4,000 economic opportunities in Switzerland

In the short time we have been in Switzerland, Uber has enabled over 4 000 economic opportunities across the country. The drivers who pick you up after those late nights out on the town, the ones who drive you to that first date, and the ones who ensure that you’re never late for that afternoon business meeting? These are the real Uber heroes.

A reliable ride at the touch of a button

Together, we’re helping to drive Switzerland forward through access to a safe, reliable and affordable transportation option, which is available to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Here’s to another year of making Zurich and the whole country an even better connected and even more economically vibrant place to live in.

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