3 Uber Tips to Get Your Holidays on the Right Track

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to head home for the holidays. If your December is anything like ours, it’s jam-packed with parties, last-minute shopping, and mental preparation for those awkward family moments that always seem to shake up Christmas.

With so much going on, a happy elf like yourself may not have time to plan ahead. With that in mind, we’re hoping Uber can bring a little more joy to your world with these tips.

Find Lost Items

Even if you’ve checked it twice, you might have left one of your favorite things (that sweater with the green sleeves?) in the back seat. Worst case scenario: it was a present for that special someone and you can’t leave them stuck with nothing for christmas!

Don’t panic. Check the bottom of your receipt email for the “Click here if you lost something on this trip” link or visit riders.uber.com for your driver’s contact info. You can reach out directly to recover your lost item and avoid those empty stocking blues.

lost items


Share Your ETA

Share Your ETA

Running late for dinner? Share your Uber ETA with the family to assure them you’re on the way. You don’t want to spend Christmas in the doghouse. Or even better, track your inlaws’ progress so you can make that all-important decision: “another glass of eggnog or just enough time for mouth wash?”


Split the Fare

When family time is coming to an end and you’re ready for some grown-up fun, Uber fare splitting is perfect for making sure everyone pays their fair share. Whether you’re one of many ladies dancing or lords-a-leaping, share an SUV on New Year’s Eve and save your cash for the champagne toast.

So, make like Rudolph and ride. Have a wonderful holiday season!

 Fare Split


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