14 unusual food BFFs that prove some of the best friendships are also pretty weird

You can pick your friends. You can pick your food. You can’t always pick your food’s friends.  

On #FriendshipDay, we want to introduce you to some unusual food friends—odd couples who make the unlikeliest combinations amazing, just like you and your friends. In the end, isn’t what makes you guys different also what makes your friendship delicious?

  1. Sriracha + Peanut Butter
    Forget your childhood pb&j, because this blows it out of the water. The tang and spice of the Sriracha warms up in the sweet embrace of creamy peanut butter. It’s love.
  2. Mangos + Chili
    Just when mango gets too sweet, chili powder kicks things up and keeps it spicy, like a good buddy who never quite lets you say, “I love you, man.”
  3. Salt + Chocolate
    Salt makes chocolate a better, more chocolate version of its chocolatey self. Isn’t that what you want out of a good friend?
  4. Broccoli + Cheese Puffs
    One is the ultimate healthy veg. The other, the mac daddy of munchies. Is it the crunch, or the colors that make them so compatible? They each bring something to the friendship.
  5. Dark Chocolate + Beets
    Top your next beet salad with some dark chocolate shavings for some earthy-flavored goodness. Taste them high-fiving each other in every bite.
  6. Rosemary + Lemonade
    Lemonade is a fun, easy-going, summery beverage, and rosemary gives it a fresh, classy touch, like a bestie lending you her pearls for a wedding.
  7. Strawberries + Basil
    A sweet berry and a peppery herb? People said it would never last but here they are years later meeting for cocktails.
  8. Oysters + Watermelon
    Oysters are like, “You shut up,” and watermelon is all, “No, you shut up,” but then they just start laughing and have a surprisingly great time together on the half shell.
  9. Pickles + Ice Cream
    The “mother” of all food friendships. The salty-sour-sweet-creamy combo triggers a reward response in your brain. Science! 
  10. Pizza + Ranch Dressing
    Two of your favorite casual foods are having a serious fling. The dressing has a tartness that lights up in the presence of salty, tomato-y pizza.
  11. Chocolate + Onion
    These two are among the more bizarre food buddies, but carmelized and melted together, they’re a dream team.
  12. Donuts + Potato Chips
    These two go way back. Put it this way: If you talk smack about donuts being too soft or sweet, potato chips will get very salty with you. They’re loyal like that.
  13. Olive Oil + Ice Cream
    Olive oil wanted to be a cool, creamy dessert for once. And ice cream made it happen. And it’s great. That’s what friends are for.
  1. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread + French Fries
    That magical chocolate spread has a lot of friends, but when french fries are in the room, it’s like it’s just the two of them.

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