Enjoy a Free Week of uberX!

After launching just over a month ago, uberX has been delivering a seamless, reliable and affordable way for Tacomans to move around the city. And now, your next 5 rides are on us!





  • If you’re a new Uber user, sign up HERE!
  • No promo code necessary; all you need to do is ride
  • You get 5 FREE rides, up to $20 each
  • Valid from Thursday, May 29th at 4 pm through Thursday, June 5th at midnight

If you don’t see an uberX at first, don’t worry! We are working to get more cars on the road, so there may be times when availability is limited. Give it a few minutes and then open the app back up to get a sense of ETAs.



[h2 class=”” span=””]What is uberX?[/h2]Drivers on uberX have mid-range or hybrid vehicles in a variety of colors and styles, with seating for up to four people. To maintain the Uber standard you expect, all drivers pass Uber’s rigorous screening process. In order to be an uberX driver in Tacoma, drivers must pass:

  • A stringent background check
  • A driving history check
  • Ongoing quality controls

As always, your safety and satisfaction remain our highest priority. All Uber rides are backed by the driver’s insurance policy as well as our corporate insurance policy. You will always have the option to rate every driver, and contribute to the quality with your feedback.


Not sure where to go once you’ve tapped the app? We have fallen head over heels for Tacoma, and have some ideas of where to Uber this week.

  1. Nothing is better after a run than an ice cold beer. Join the Tacoma Runners Club tonight for their Thursday beer run. We will be there running along, answering all your uberX questions.
  2. The fine folks at El Gaucho Tacoma are setting the bar PRETTY high with their offer of a FREE drink if you show them you arrived in an uberX (just flash your receipt!) A free ride and a free drink… does it get any better?
  3. Go cheer for the home team! The Tacoma Rainiers have home games this week where you can celebrate their Thirsty Thursday drink specials and get to and from the game with ease!
  4. Treat yourself to fancy cocktails and delicious food at Hilltop Kitchen. Believe us, you deserve it.
  5. End your evening with a trip to the movies. The Grand Cinema has a wonderful lineup of flicks, and don’t worry about parking, uberX has you covered.

Questions? Send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

– Team Uber Tacoma

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