Uber SF to Add More Drivers to UBERx: More Cars, Shorter Wait Times

Earlier this month, Uber reached an agreement with the California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that confirmed that Uber was authorized and can continue to operate in California. The CPUC also cleared Uber to begin partnering with drivers not specifically licensed to drive a limousine or taxi.

Starting today, Uber in San Francisco will begin partnering with these drivers and on-boarding them to UBERx – our low-cost option for getting around the city. All these drivers will meet both California’s requirements to drive and also pass Uber’s series of rigorous screening tests, including a background check, an in-person screening, a city knowledge exam, and other ongoing quality controls.

For riders, this will mean more cars on the road and shorter wait times on UBERx. Of course, our riders’ security and satisfaction remain our highest priority: all Uber rides continue to be backed up by our corporate insurance policy, and riders always have the option to rate every driver and improve the system with their feedback. Qualification standards for Uber Black and Uber TAXI remain unchanged.

For potential drivers who don’t already work for a limousine or taxi company, we’re offering a new opportunity to make extra income on our platform. How?

  • Unlike competitors, we pay our driver partners real fares, not arbitrary “donations.” Uber is always 100 percent transparent with partners about how much they earn every trip.
  • We do not schedule drivers or tell them when they can or cannot work: we treat them as true independent contractors who can work when they choose.
  • We provide drivers access to the biggest client base for on-demand transportation in the world.
  • Our dynamic pricing and supply positioning algorithms ensure that driver partners get paid fairly for the hours they invest in providing rides to our clients, particularly during peak hours when they are needed the most.

If you are interested in becoming a driver-partner for UBERx, sign up at www.uber.com/uberxsf

More transportation options benefit everyone, and we’re excited to explore yet another way to connect drivers and riders in California.

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