The Wondrous Tale of the Uber Unicorn


Strange tales have been spreading around the City by the Bay. In the dreary gray of a San Franciscan August, something pure and magical has been brightening the streets. As a child, you dreamed they were real. You hoped against hope, until the big, bad world convinced you they don’t exist….

But Uber is here to make you believe again! The Uber White Unicorn is back in San Francisco. It had to be away for awhile: something about saving the Care Bears from an evil wizard. Doesn’t really matter. It’s back now. And it is here to turn your hum-drum day into something majestic and wonderful.

The Unicorn has been driving around for a few weeks now. And in that short time, it has delivered a new fiancee to her surprise engagement, magically avoided all rush-hour traffic, and convinced Karl the Fog to take a year vacation in Los Angeles. Ok, only the first one is technically true. But I have faith that the Unicorn will get the rest done.

Not only is the Unicorn a wonderful creature in its own right, but it is also driven by one of the best Uber drivers out there. Sofian has been with Uber since the beginning. He is the only driver with Uber to rock the white iPhone in his car. He has logged more hours and completed more trips than any other driver. Sofian is simply the most efficient and most dependable driver with Uber. If you have been lucky enough to ride with Sofian, you are well aware he is one of the nicest guys in San Francisco.  He also documents all the romantic and magical happenings the Unicorn is a part of. Here are a few of the Unicorn and Sofian’s greatest hits:

So, when you are Ubering around the city. Be on the lookout for the Unicorn. It shouldn’t be too hard to find. Glitter and rainbows will be streaming out of its tailpipe. If you are lucky enough to find the Unicorn, tweet a picture of it to @Uber_SF.

The Unicorn would also like the city of San Francisco to give it a name. So tweet your best suggestions to @Uber_SF with the hash tag #TheWhiteUnicorn

Long live the White Unicorn! Hip, Hip, Huzzah!

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