Roundtrippin’ Treasure Island

The weather gods are smiling upon San Francisco this weekend with highs in the 70’s – perfect weather for swarming to the Treasure Island Musical Festival to soak in some music, suds, and sun! And we’ve got a little sum’n that’ll help end your weekend on a high note 😉

We know the organizers for TIMF have a transportation plan, but with all this occupy Wall Street action going on, who wants to wait in line like it’s the Great Depression? Or like school children clad with lunch boxes (yours may be packed with things more nefarious than Lunchables) waiting for the bus?

Kids in line

Why not skip the lines and take a comfortable ride to the island and better yet, end your day with another swanky ride back to the real world? The kicker – we’ll reward you for taking the roundtrip :)

If you take Uber to and from Treasure Island this weekend and tweet about it to @Uber_SF, we’ll drop $10 credit in your Uber account. And technology permitting, we’ll email you a high five. 


Your roundtrip doesn’t have to be completed on the same day or in any specific order, so go ahead and take Uber to Treasure Island on Saturday and get a pickup from Treasure Island on Sunday – tweet @Uber_SF about it and we’ll count it. Keep in mind, mama didn’t raise no fools, so we’ll be double-checking all the tweets we get 😉

Pro tips for pickup at a music festival:

  • Request pickup where it’s not crowded. Outside Lands veterans know the deal. Request your pickup a block or two outside of the festival on a street with fewer people and cars for the smoothest pickup.
  • Four is the magic number. The majority of our cars are high-end sedans that seat 4 passengers only, so if you’ve got a bigger group, have one of your friends request a ride too!

Get your roundtrip on this weekend, follow and tweet @Uber_SF and reap the rewards of your Uber use! Be safe, have fun, rock on.

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