We’re Rockin’ the Suburbs, With Lower Rates.

The early Uber users are likely starting to see a trend… We go where you need us most. In the beginning that was making sure there were plenty of cars available late night in SF. Then New York & Seattle got to taste the Uber love. Some users have even said, “it’s not a real city unless you can Uber.” Next up: we’re going to make sure that folks in the Bay Area ‘burbs have Uber as a viable transportation option too. We’re dropping the rates for the suburbs!

You probably read a bit about our price elasticity tests last week. Well, the price testing continues! The bottom line is that our original fares were determined with dense metropolitan areas in mind. Block after block of stoplights and traffic leads to trips with relatively short distances. But, when you apply that same pricing to trips with significant freeway time and/or sprawling suburbs the rate becomes pretty tough to swallow.

Starting today, we’re testing out a new Suburban distance rate to lower the cost of trips outside of downtown SF!

The Details:

  • We have two zones: a City Zone (San Francisco) and a Suburb Zone (everywhere else).
  • The City Zone will still have a distance rate of $4.90 per-mile.
  • The Suburb Zone will have a distance rate of $3.25 per-mile.
  • When your car is traveling below 11 mph we will charge our $1.25 per-minute time rate regardless of which zone you’re in.
  • Our base charge and $15 minimum will still apply.

Plus, we’re lowering the Palo Alto to SFO airport max rate to $80! 

Example Fares:

Palo Alto to Mountain View: Was $41 → Now $32
Burlingame to Fisherman’s Wharf in SF: Was $102 → Now $87
Mountain View to San Jose Airport: Was $88 → Now $64


What does does it mean?
What does lower mean? It means that as soon as your Uber (car) crosses the line outside of SF to the ‘burbs your distance rate drops from $4.90 per mile to $3.25 per mile. You’ll see a City Zone & Suburb Zone break downs on your receipt if your trip touches both. Lower means that trips from San Francisco to Mountain View just got cheaper. Googlers, Facebookers, and Stanforders beware! Trips within the burbs like Palo Alto to Mountain View just got cheaper too! Summary: if you’re in the burbs Uber is cheaper.

How long will this sweet sweet price-dropping goodness last?
We love this idea and hope you will too. If you go bananas with it and ride like crazy, it’ll stick around!

Be sure to follow @Uber_SF for all the latest Bay Area Uber goodness and as always, email supportSF@uber.com with any questions you have!

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