Uber’s Guide to Rocking Outside Lands


If you’ve ridden with us before, you know the deal. We’re quick on the pickup, cozy and accommodating on the ride, and smoother than a babys bottom on payment. But when it comes to leaving a huge kick-ass music festival with thousands of other mind-blown concert-goers, we want to make sure things go smoothly as possible. We’ve upped our supply of cars for this weekend, but it’s a good idea to follow some simple tips to ensure your Outside Lands is swagnificent:

Outside Lands Noobies Discount

Got a friend going to Outside Lands who’s never Ubered? Have them sign up and they’ll get hooked up! If they sign up on our website or our app and enter the discount code ‘OLSF2011‘ they’ll receive $10 off of their first trip (Friday through Sunday only!).

Request Outside of GGP for Outside Lands

The roads that lead into Golden Gate Park are going to be packed! So make sure that when requesting a pickup from Outside Lands that you are NOT IN THE PARK. It’s best to head North to Fulton St or South to Lincoln Ave and request from there for a smooth pickup & lower wait time.


Communication with your Driver
It’s A-OK to call your driver. Drivers on Uber understand that logistics are going to be tough with Outside Lands. It’s best to give them a call and clearly communicate your pickup location so that they can get there quickly and avoid traffic. Also, understand that a driver’s approach route may seem a little odd but they’re working through crowds & police enforced traffic barriers.

Persistence is Critical
If you have issues with Uber, don’t give up. There are going to be extra drivers on the road this weekend to ensure you can all use Uber to and from the event. There may be times when all cars are busy but stay on it – stay persistent and we’ll get to you as soon as possible!


And most important: Team Uber’s can’t miss performances

  • The Roots – just to watch Questlove tweet while drumming. – Brian, SF
  • Phantogram – hometown heroes! (They’re from Saratoga) and they rule. – Carly, NY
  • Dead Mau5 – they just CRUSHED Lolla here last weekend. – Allen, CHI
  • The Limousines – a band close to our hearts 😉 – Team Uber
  • OK Go – two years later, the treadmill music video is still pretty sweet. – Kevin, SF
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – it has impassionate lyrics, or something. – Henry, SF
  • Muse – because their lyrics are as epic as Uber – Scott, SF


This weekend follow@SFoutsidelands for concert updates and random Uber hookups! Be sure to follow @Uber_SF to catch important tips and updates over the weekend and we’ll see you at Outside Lands shows!

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