Ride Toll-Free with Uber! 1-800-520-BRDG (EDITED: 9/6/2013)

For a good time…Ride.

ATTN GOOD PEOPLE OF SEATTLE! Starting Friday September 6th, 2013 we started charging tools when you cross the 520 Bridge. You can see more information here. We hope you enjoyed all those TOLL-FREE rides! :) 


They’ve finally done it! Yesterday the Washington State Department of Transportation announced the December date for the start of tolling on the 520 Bridge. We’ve been holding our breath over here, WSDOT! Thanks for finally giving us a chance to breathe. 😉

So we know you’re all like, “Wait one second there, Uber! How the hell does this affect us when we are Ubering over the 520 bridge?!” Well, Dearest Rider…good news: IT WILL NOT AFFECT YOU AT ALL. Yup. As long as you are riding in style, you will not have to pay one penny.

We are treating you to a Toll-Free ride!

Here at Uber Seattle, we like to give voices to inanimate objects. It’s fun! Give it a try sometime. Anywho, if the 520 bridge were to be able to talk we think it would say this: “Damn, I am feeling special these days. WSDOT must think I am way better than the I-90 Bridge for charging people to driver over me. I alone am expected to raise $1 billion overall toward replacing myself. Wait…what are they doing to me? Guys?!”

LO AND BEHOLD the 520 Bridge itself was available for an interview via twitter. Yes, the 520 Bridge has a twitter account. Check it out! It’s effing hilarious. Here is our interview:

Ok, onto the facts. The toll goes into effect December 29th! The system they will put into place will be a different amount depending on the time of day…variable, if you will.

A tolling structure only an Accountant could love.

  • If you are not in an Uber and driving your own car (booooooringgggg) you’ll need to pick up a lovely “Good-to-Go!” pass at these locations or check out WSDOT’s version of a Party Bus and grab one at one of their mobile locations.
  • The target date to open the new bridge will be December 2014. The future.

So all, in all our point is this. The next time you are planning to travel in style to and from the Eastside and don’t feel like paying a toll just pull out your phone…pull up your Uber app, and request away! Toll-free is the way to be!


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