PA Makes Progress in Embracing uberX

It’s been a busy but productive couple of weeks in Pennsylvania! Thanks to your voice and unwavering support, on Thursday the PUC answered your call for safer, more reliable and affordable transportation alternatives for all Pittsburghers and granted Uber an Emergency Temporary Authority (ETA) – an important first step along the path to finding a permanent home for ridesharing in the city.

The PUC deserves thanks for listening to your voices and recognizing the critical need for improved transportation options in Allegheny County.  However, the work isn’t done yet! While uberX is in the clear for the short term, in the coming months we will continue to work with officials to develop a solution that will permanently allow us to create jobs and provide safe, convenient ways to get around our city.

Spreading the Uber Love to Cities Across the State

Everyone knows that #PennsylvaniaNeedsUber, so we’ve been doing everything we can to move the ball forward. That includes requests to the PUC for longer-term licenses to operate beyond our temporary authority, both in Allegheny County and across the Commonwealth. Earlier this week the PUC held a two-day hearing where we presented our case for experimental licenses that would allow residents and visitors across Pennsylvania access to the Uber you know and love.

We asked you to tell the PUC why Pennsylvania needs Uber, and thousands of you responded with your own stories from the ‘Burgh and throughout the Keystone State. In our hearings, we shared your stories and hard data demonstrating how Uber is helping to reduce drunk driving in cities across the country – including right here in Pittsburgh, and in Philadelphia – and serving traditionally underserved neighborhoods, giving everyone the opportunity for a safe, reliable and affordable ride. The PUC should listen to the public’s voice and address this outcry for more choice and modern, convenient options.

We want every Pennsylvanian to enjoy the added choice and opportunity that Uber provides and every city to benefit from the social and economic impact ridesharing can have.  We’ve made great progress in Pittsburgh so far, but we still need the PUC to develop a long-term solution to ensure your city – and others across the state – has access to the same transportation options and business opportunities you rely on to travel safely around town and make a living.

Thank you again for making your voice heard and helping to move Uber forward in Pennsylvania.

Uber on,

Team Uber Pittsburgh

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