Pittsburgh, Your Uber is Arriving Now

The City of Champions is tallying up another win as Uber hits the streets of Pittsburgh to change the way yinz’ get around. Uber, the mobile app connecting riders to drivers on-demand in over 70 cities worldwide, is now making its mark in The Steel City.

Steelers’ defensive end Cam Heyward, a Pittsburgh native, was the first person to take Uber for a spin through the Burgh’. He opened his Uber iPhone app, requested a ride and within minutes his uberX driver was on location.

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Known in the locker room as “Wreck-it Ralph,” one thing Cam didn’t break by utilizing uberX was the bank. uberX is the ultra-reliable, cost-efficient ridesharing option from Uber. At prices cheaper than a taxi, it’s now easier than ever to get around Pittsburgh.

Downtown to Southside – $5
Southside to Shadyside – $7
Lawrenceville to Downtown – $10

Cam Heyward has officially given Uber his seal of approval and secured the coveted title of Pittsburgh Rider Zero.


UPDATE: The last day to qualify for this promotion was Monday, February 24th. Questions? Email supportpittsburgh@uber.com

For a limited time, we’re giving away 5 FREE uberX rides so you can explore Pittsburgh in a way you’ve never done it before!


  • You get 5 FREE uberX rides! (Up to $25 per ride.)
  • No promo code necessary, all you need to do is ride.
  • FREE rides available in Pittsburgh only.
  • FREE rides expire 14 days after your first uberX trip.

If you don’t see an uberX at first, don’t worry! Since Uber is still in testing phase, there may be times when availability is limited. Just refresh your Uber app again after a few minutes to request a ride and you will be on your way.

Questions? Comments? Excited that Uber has finally rolled into The Steel City? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter @Uber_PIT or via email.


Uber Pittsburgh Team

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