Philadelphia Airport: Flat Rates for PHL Black Car Limousine Service


Uber makes it even easier to travel to and from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) with affordable car service flat fares for Philly transportation. NEW TO UBER? SIGN UP WITH CODE PHLFREE FOR $20 OFF YOUR FIRST TRIP Uber is trusted by thousands of Philadelphia residents every day for travel over shuttles and taxi services to PHL. Uber connects you with a private sedan or SUV driver in seconds, and that driver arrives to your door in mere minutes. The drivers Uber connects you with are all professional drivers in luxury black cars and black SUVs.

PHL Airport Flat Rate Fare Grid

NOTE: uberX is not eligible for flat rates.

uberX only drops off at PHL Airport—no pickups.

Uber Philly Flat Rate Fare Map Getting a ride to the PHL airport can be both cumbersome and unreliable. Calling a cab dispatch to schedule transportation is a tough endeavor, and you’re lucky if your taxi or limo even shows up on time. Your flight is arriving now, and travel to PHL doesn’t have to be this way. From as far north as Temple U, our car service flat-fares have your back!


UberBLACK Philly. Seat up to 4 in a sedan to Philadelphia International Airport. UberBLACK – Black Sedan

  • Seating for up to 4
  • Adequate trunk space for luggage
  • First class, luxury interior
  • Better than: Taxis, Cabs, Train

UberSUV Philadelphia. Seat up to 6 on your travel to PHL.UberSUV – Black SUV

  • Seating for up to 6, additional legroom
  • Large trunk space, fold-down seating
  • First class, large luxury interior
  • Better Than: Shuttles, Vans, Train

uberX – Everyday Sedans uberX Philly

  • Seating for up to 4
  • Traditional vehicles (ie: Camry, Altima)
  • Adequate trunk space for luggage
  • Better than: Taxis, Cabs, Train

Uber PHL Black Car SUV Service Flat Fares


Uber partners are professional sedan/SUV drivers based out of the Philadelphia area. Their city knowledge is fantastic, and they know the best ways to transport you to/from the PHL airport terminal on time compared to taxis, cabs, and shuttles. Driver quality and safety is very important to us, so we allow you to anonymously rate your driver after you ride.


  • Sign up! Use promo code PHLFREE for $20 off your first ride to PHL.
  • TO THE AIRPORT: Request your car service to the Philly airport!
  • FROM THE AIRPORT: When you arrive at PHL, the letter before your gate number is your terminal. Text or call your driver to tell them your terminal letter. Your driver will pick you up at your terminal’s Zone 6, which is the limousine pickup area. This is located outside of baggage claim, across the road from the taxi line.Uber: Request your Black Car or SUV to the Philadelphia International Airport. Skip the taxi. Pass on the cab.


  • Traveling with multiple people in a sedan or SUV? Fare Split the price of the transportation with everyone.
  • Get to airport security on time. Check the ETA for nearby drivers prior to leaving.
  • Meeting friends or family at the airport? Share your ETA in just a few taps.


To get in touch with us, feel free to email us or submit a question. We know the airport can be stressful, so we’ll try and address your questions before you get through airport security. If you’re interested in driving with Uber, let us know here.NEW TO UBER? SIGN UP WITH CODE PHLFREE FOR $20 OFF YOUR FIRST TRIP Safe travels and Uber on! Team Uber Philly

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