A reliable ride for your deliveries

With UberRUSH, your packages travel like a VIP. You get fast messenger pickups and immediate deliveries of the things you need to send.

Track delivery progress in the Uber app, and easily share your item’s location with the recipient.

Open the app and try it today!

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Rates are calculated based on distance.

UPDATE: As of January 20, 2015, UberRUSH prices are distance-only rates. What this means for you is that shorter trips will be even more affordable than before and the route taken will no longer have an effect on your fare.

UberRUSH Pricing: $4 base fare + $5 per mile + $1 to the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund.


Remember, you can always get an idea of your fare before requesting UberRUSH by using the Fare Quote feature in the Uber app.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund (BMEF). The BMEF is a non profit public charity organization that provides emergency compensation to bicycle messengers who are hurt on the job. With the launch of UberRUSH, a $1 donation to the BMEF will apply with each delivery.

Messengers will pick up and deliver anywhere within Manhattan. Messengers will deliver to Brooklyn or Queens for a flat rate of $30.


  1. Choose RUSH in the Uber app
  2. Request by placing the pin at the pickup address
  3. Your messenger will arrive in minutes to pick up your Permitted Item and delivery instructions
  4. Track your messenger’s progress in the Uber app

See the UberRUSH Terms here.


  • You’ll find the best UberRUSH reliability from 8am – 10pm, Monday through Friday
  • Our coverage area includes all of Manhattan, plus neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens
  • Messengers will not purchase items for delivery
  • Your messenger will be on bike or on foot, and will not be able to deliver some oversized items
  • ETAs may be inaccurate and tracking may pause if a messenger hops on the subway


To maintain the Uber standard you’re used to, all messengers pass Uber’s rigorous screening process. In order to be an UberRUSH partner, individuals must pass:

  • A stringent background check
  • An in-person interview and screening
  • Ongoing quality controls

RUSH is an experiment that we’re rolling out from the Uber Garage – our workshop of sorts where we tinker with new ideas for urban logistics. We’re focused on Uber level quality and need your help to see how we’re doing. As you use UberRUSH, we’d love to hear from you. Open the app and try it today!


We’re looking to partner with the best messengers in NYC. If that’s you, reach out to us at PartnersNY@uber.com.


Questions? We’ve got answers. Click each of the headlines below for more info.

Permitted Items

Delivery Guarantee

Tracking Your Item

Communicating with Your Messenger

Chain of Custody

Cancellation and Fulfillment Policy

UberRUSH Terms

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