Uber Nashville is headed South! Starting Tuesday May 13th, Ubers will be officially rolling in Franklin, TN! We’ve had so many cool Franklinites asking us when we plan to expand the Uber service area to include Brentwood and Franklin… and the answer is NOW!  We’re thrilled to bring a better, faster, cheaper way to get around Nashville’s historic and beautiful neighbor to the South. Franklin deserves it.


  • OPEN the Uber app
  • REQUEST a ride and your driver will arrive within minutes
  • RIDE

New to Uber? Sign up here to take advantage of your FREE ride with promo code ‘FRANKLINTN’.

*If your fare exceeds $25, the difference will be charged to your account on file. Availability may be limited at times.

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We’re bringing Uber to Franklin!

uberX IS BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER THAN A TAXI!  Read more about uberX here.

uberX is a ridesharing service that allows you to get a reliable ride at prices cheaper than a Nashville taxi. Drivers on uberX have mid-range or hybrid vehicles in a variety of colors and styles, with seating for at least four passengers. In addition to taking our low-cost uberX option, you can ride around town in ultimate style and comfort with UberBLACK, the original Uber that connects you to a chauffeured black sedan.

uberX or UberBLACK? The choice is yours — just as it should be.

Full details on Uber in Nashville can be found on our Nashville page here.


In addition to the expanded service area, Uber Nashville has also announced that safe, easy rides will now be available to/from Arrington Vineyards throughout the Summer months.  A trip to/from Arrington Vineyards from downtown Nashville on UberX will cost between $45-$60 one-way.  Parties headed to Arrington will likely take advantage of Uber’s fare split feature, which allows users to split a shared car’s fare among riders. It’s easy, affordable and safe!



There’s never been a better time to drive with Uber. With ever-increasing demand, greater trips per hour, and new cities launching every day, drivers on Uber make more money than with any other ridesharing platform or taxi company. Period.

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If you don’t see an Uber at first, don’t worry! Just refresh your Uber app again after a few minutes to request a ride & you’ll be on your way. Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you at supportnashville@uber.com, or tweet us @Uber_Nashville.

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