Nashville: We’re ready to rock. Are you ready to roll?

Long before Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere made the world fall in love with Nashville, we had our eye on Music City. And we’ve noticed you’ve had your eye on us too.  Many of you have experienced the Uber magic when traveling to one of Uber’s 60+ cities around the world, and starting today you can get a FREE taste of uberX – the low-cost Uber – here in Nashville.

While uberX is hitting the road, UberBLACK is stuck in park for the time being and we need your help.  Unfortunately, current sedan regulations in Nashville mean that you can’t take a sedan ride for less than $45 – even if it’s only a 10-minute trip – and that you have to reserve that ride a minimum of 30 minutes in advance.  That simply isn’t the Uber way; we believe in quickly delivering the highest quality ride, at the best possible price.

But we have good news for you!  Nashville’s Metro Council will consider legislation on December 16 and 17 that will bring Nashville’s regulations into the 21st century and enable UberBLACK to expand to Music City.


Tell the Mayor and Metro Council that #NashvilleNeedsUber by signing this petition and asking them to advance the legislation.  Let them know that more transportation options for residents and visitors mean better economic opportunity for Nashville transportation partners.  With this change, Nashville will join the world’s leading cities that offer innovative and stylish transportation choices.



We’re so excited that we’re getting the first Ubers rolling today! uberX rides are available starting today through December 29th for FREE.  If anyone knows how to ride in style and party like a cowboy, it’s Big Kenny of Big and Rich. He was our rider zero in Nashville, taking uberX to the airport– and you could be next! Just open the Uber app and request uberX – your low-cost Uber option. (Please note, supply will be limited).


Whether you’re catching a concert at the Ryman, heading to a late-night study session at Fido, or hitting the scene in East Nashville — you can count on Uber to get you around town. Make sure you share why #NashvilleNeedsUber on Twitter @Uber_Nashville, where we’ll keep you posted on the latest.

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