New Year’s Eve 2013 — Oppan Uber Style!

You’ve survived the holidays. The packed malls, the awkward encounters with relatives…all that food! Now time to brace yourself for the final party of the year: New Year’s Eve!!

That’s right! The holiday we all love/hate with countless open bars, champagne toasts, and way too much confetti, is upon us, and brings up the fated question: How will I get home after the ball drops? Fear not, Twin Citians! For the first time, transportation at your fingertips is available to help you ride into 2013 in style — with Uber!


– New Year’s Eve will be our busiest night of the year as we transport festive guests across the cities! This means demand will be high — but don’t be discouraged. If you can’t get a car right away, give it a few minutes, then check the app again to make your request. Enjoy one extra glass of champagne or relish a bit longer in your epic 2012 memories!

– Due to increased demand, surge pricing will be in effect. Prices will be dynamic as demand increases to ensure you can get your Uber ride home. Be sure to keep an eye on your app for a notification with current rates before requesting! Check out more info on surge pricing here.

– Before requesting, double check your pickup location to make sure your driver knows where you’re at and can get to you fast! And when your driver arrives, double  triple check you’re getting in the right car. Confirm the name and license plate number of your driver that’s listed in your app.

– Finally…have fun, get a lil’ cray cray….but DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! Keep it safe, MSP. Ubers are here and ready to get you home all night long!

As always, hit me up at or @Uber_MSP with any questions, concerns, or just some #UberLove (always a fav :))! And remember, Uber is purely an on-demand service, so we won’t be accepting reservations. No, not even this time. Just check the app, request, and ride!

Party on, my friends!

Happy New Year – Janel, Uber MSP


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