Get McDonald’s® All Day Breakfast On-Demand Today

South Florida asked for it, and McDonald’s is bringing it: All Day Breakfast is finally here and Uber is delivering it to you before anyone else – for free! Today, between 11 am and 2 pm you can request delicious breakfast and surprise items through your Uber App by using code LOVINIT! A few lucky riders may […]

Uber Miami Joins Plated on The Road to Discovery

What is Plated? A weekly box of fresh and seasonal ingredients, pre-portioned for the recipes you choose, so you can create great food with less effort. Plated has taken their mission of eating and living well on the road this fall. The #PlatedRoadTrip has already travelled over 3,000 miles and the next stop is South […]

National Preparedness Month

Last month, we teamed up with Capital One to help South Florida prepare for hurricane season by delivering on-demand storm readiness packs – free of charge. Now, we’re partnering with Capital One – a Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Partner – to donate 1,000 gallons of water to the South Florida Red Cross for National […]

Let Us Help You Get Ready For Storm Season

As the first storm of the season approaches South Florida, we want to make sure our riders are ready. We’re teaming up with our friends at Capital One to provide a free Storm Readiness Pack on-demand while supplies last. You can request one tomorrow, from 10am to 12pm in Miami-Dade County through the Uber app. […]

Palm Beach Update

On Tuesday, August 18th, four Palm Beach County commissioners took an important first step toward creating a permanent home for Uber in Palm Beach: Commissioners Abrams, Berger, Taylor, and Valeche. Share on Facebook or Twitter to show your support for the commissioners who are taking the lead on this important issue.

Helping Keep Our Communities Safe

South Florida Uber riders share some of the reasons they feel safe having access to reliable transportation options. Watch the video, then share on Facebook and Twitter.

Broward Update

On Tuesday, August 11th, six Broward commissioners took a critical step toward bringing back Uber in Broward: Commissioners Bogen, Furr, Kiar, LaMarca, Ritter, and Mayor Tim Ryan. Email or tweet the commissioners who are leading on this issue to show your support, and follow @SaveUberBroward for updates.

Take the Pledge. Don’t Drink and Drive.

Before being forced out of Broward County, nearly 25% of all Uber rides here were taken during peak times for drunk driving-related incidents, according to Uber’s data. Uber is working hard to bring back safe, reliable rides through our app to Broward County – especially when you need them most. But in the meantime, Uber, […]

An Open Letter to Mayor Tim Ryan

On August 5, mayors of eight Broward County cities published a letter in the Sun Sentinel urging County Mayor Tim Ryan to take action and bring Uber back to Broward. Read the letter below. Then email Mayor Ryan and urge him to bring Uber back.   In your inaugural speech, Mayor Ryan, you said, “the most pressing issue before […]

Know the FACTS about Uber in Broward County

Take Action. Share the FACTS.

As of 7am July 31, Uber has suspended operations in Broward County because of hostile new regulations passed by the County Commission.