NOLA Needs Uber

As you probably know, Uber received a cease and desist letter in November from the City of New Orleans ordering us to halt operations — before we had even opened for business. We’ve been hard at work since then, trying to convince local officials that NOLA needs affordable, reliable and modern transportation.

Though we’re making progress, they haven’t got the message yet. Last Thursday, an ordinance was introduced in the New Orleans city council that would make a series of changes to the transportation code.  While some of the changes are positive, many appear to be designed to protect the entrenched interests of the taxi industry.

Here’s what they’re proposing:

  • Minimum $25 charge for sedan rides
  • Minimum $35 charge for SUV rides
  • Flat $75 for airport trips ($90 for SUV)

These rates constitute price fixing, plain and simple. By setting minimum prices no matter how short the trip, these rules are neither in your best interest as a consumer, nor in the best interests of local limo companies who want to provide affordable rides. These rules would handicap a high quality transportation alternative, preventing Uber from offering its service at the best possible price.



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Reach out to Council President Stacy Head, (504) 658-1060 or

Tell Stacy Head that #NOLAneedsUber up and running, without price fixing.


Reach out to Council Vice-President Jason Williams, (504) 658-1077 or

Tell Jason Williams that #NOLAneedsUber up and running, without price fixing.


Reach out to Susan Guidry, District A Council Member, (504) 658-1010 or

Tell Susan Guidry that #NOLAneedsUber up and running, without price fixing.


Reach out to Latoya Cantrell, District B Council Member, (504) 658-1020 or

Tell Latoya Cantrell that #NOLAneedsUber up and running, without price fixing.


Reach out to Nadine Ramsey, District C Council Member, (504) 658-1037 or

Tell Nadine Ramsey that #NOLAneedsUber up and running, without price fixing.


Reach out to Jared Brossett, District D Council Member, (504) 658-1040 or

Tell Jared Brossett that #NOLAneedsUber up and running, without price fixing.


Reach out to James Gray, District E Council Member, (504) 658-1050 or email




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