Transparency, accountability & Safety

Transparency, accountability and safety are of paramount importance at Uber. We very much welcome TfL’s announcement today bringing clarity and confirming that TfL and Uber fully share the vision that technology should be a key driver in changing the way people are moving around their city, improving the experience for both riders as well as drivers.

Therefore, we welcome TfL’s decision to test its interpretation – that Uber’s app, installed on a driver’s smartphone, is not a taximeter – in the High Court.

Uber is fully committed to working with TfL on finding constructive ways to bring London’s mobility to unprecedented levels of safety, developing, establishing, and maintaining our policies and processes.

We were pleased to show TfL how scrupulous Uber is in vetting drivers and making sure all paperwork adheres to TfL’s strict standards. We are particularly proud of the fact that Uber passed TfL’s “largest ever” compliance investigation.

Since launching in London almost two years ago, hundreds of thousands of Londoners have already embraced Uber connecting them to the safest, most reliable transportation providers in this great city.


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