Free Cocktails on demand with #UberLibre

Remember how summer feels? We’re thinking: barbeques, bike rides and walks on the beach. Kickabouts, long afternoons and maybe that island getaway you’ve been browsing when you were supposed to be writing your sales report. London may seem a million miles from paradise but we’ve got a little treat in store that’ll bring a touch of summer right to your doorstep.


Starting the weekend with a Cuban kick, we’ve partnered with BACARDÍ to serve up the one thing we city-dwellers all desire: freedom. Whether you’re stuck at work, got plans with the in-laws, or just having a night-in, hit the BACARDÍ button in the Uber app and we’ll send a Mercedes E-Class and cocktail mixologist to deliver a freshly mixed BACARDÍ Cuba Libre, on the house. We’ll be taking orders from 6pm throughout the evening. Simply enter the code UBERLIBRE into the app and get requesting – whether you’ve clocked off or not!

Cheers Uber! Anything else I need to know?

  • Requesting a BACARDÍ Cuba Libre is available on Thursday 22nd May 2014 between 6pm and 10pm
  • You must enter the code UBERLIBRE into the Uber app to be able to order
  • All party members you’re ordering a drink for must be over 18 years old
  • We may need to check if we can deliver alcohol to your address by giving you a ring once you’ve requested
  • If your request doesn’t go through first time, keep trying. There’s plenty of #UberLibre to go around!

Competition time!

We’re also offering £50 Uber credits for the best “freedom photo”. Share your Cuba Libre pics with the hashtag #UberLibre for your chance to win. Make us jealous! Questions? Comments? Email us on or tweet us @Uber_LDN. Cheers!

A little history before you go…

The Cuba Libre originated one hot afternoon in August 1900, when a group of off-duty soldiers of the American Signal Corps gathered for a drink at the American Bar in Havana. One of the group, Mr. Russell, ordered a BACARDÍ with Coca-Cola®, ice and a squeeze of fresh lime. His soldiers tried it, liked it and ordered a round for themselves. Then one of the group suggested they toast “Por Cuba Libre’ – for Cuba’s freedom and so the drink was born.   LIVE PASSIONATELY. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. ©2014. BACARDÍ AND THE BAT DEVICE ARE TRADEMARKS OF BACARDÍ & COMPANY LIMITED. BACARDÍ.COM

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