uberX Just Got Even More Affordable In Los Angeles

For a limited time only, uberX is 30% cheaper than a taxi.

Want to keep these prices low forever? 

Of course you do! The more uberX trips you take, the more rides the drivers get, which means we’re able to keep the prices lower longer. Everyone wins.

It’s up to you LA. The time is now. Spread the good news and let your friends know about the uberX price cuts! Follow @Uber_LA for updates.

Wait, there’s more! Fare Split makes your already cheap rates CRAZY CHEAP.

Using Uber’s new Fare Split feature, you can legitimately make Uber the cheapest transportation option in Los Angeles.

Quick scenario: you, 3 friends, 1 uberX. Going from Santa Monica to Venice? Fare split that and guess what — you each pay $2.


This means that uberX is now an even more cost-effective solution for dependable pickups in minutes — 24 hours a day, all over Los Angeles.
Happy riding!
-Uber Los Angeles
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